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The most cost-effective solution for real-time, broadcast-quality production, post-production, and distribution of all your company content.

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MediaLive.System empowers you with real-time production and post-production, publishing and distribution of any type of content with maximum reliability, scalability and data security along with the ability to manage your audience and have full visibility on traffic and statistics.

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Real Time Production & Post-Production

Fully equipped studio with web-based tools to create and customize all your video content integrating any solution you may already use within your company.

Access & Distribution

One stop shop Hub for all your company’s content to engage with your audience and make sure everybody can find what they are looking for anytime.

Management & Analytics

Easy-to-use application that integrates all the CMS features to efficiently manage content and audience into a single modern and intuitive product.

Latest Event

The WhiskyX Discovery Box Virtual Tasting

"Teams Live Event, 1 host, 9 remote presenters, 100% customized graphics and transitions, dynamic QR codes generations, 100% remotely managed by one single operator on a single computer."

Everything you always wanted for your content


All-in service that takes care of all the aspects related to access, production, and distribution of content


All the features and tools you desire with the guarantee of reliability, scalability, and data security


All the flexibility and customization for stellar yet effortless content quality for all your company

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